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By the Web Editors 10-10-2011

Was Christopher Columbus On A Religious Crusade?
Two recent books argue that explorers Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama were more like Christian crusaders than greedy mercenaries or curious adventurers. Other historians, however, remain skeptical.
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One of the Many Things Pundits Don't Get About Occupy Wall Street
Wednesday night, broadcasting from Liberty Square in lower Manhattan, MSNBC's Ed Schultz rhetorically asked his guests if the Democrats were the biggest winners of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The crowd laughed a little at the myopic spin.
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Getting Religion: The Ten Best Films on Faith
Is religion indeed the opiate of the masses? Judging by the number of movies made on the subject, you'd be tempted to think so. Regardless of whether you believe in a higher power, it is impossible to deny the pervasive influence of organized religion through history, and need I add, not always for the good.
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Mitt Romney's Mormonism: Pastors Say Mormons Not Christians, But Defend Candidate Against Attacks The debate over whether a largely Protestant nation is uneasy with a potential Mormon president was reignited this week after back-to-back attacks on Republican front-runner Mitt Romney's Mormonism at the high-profile Values Voters Summit in Washington, D.C.
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Arab Fall, Arab Fail: Coptic Christians slaughtered in Egypt
One thing never changed after the so-called "Arab Spring:" Christians remained in mortal danger among the sharia enforcers. The war on infidels never ends. In Egypt over the weekend, the repression against Coptic Christians reared its bloody head again.
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Phony Christian "Values Voters" Event Turns Into Free Range Gay Bashing and Hypocrisy Thanks to last weekend's "Values Voters" Summit, I am learning that I am not an ordinary gay American. Apparently I am Darth Vader.
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Why I Went To Occupy Portland: It Was The Christian Thing To Do
For Christians, supporting the Occupy America protests should be clear-cut. The protesters are lifting up principles of compassion, justice and love. These principles are central to the Christian faith.
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