Must Read: Mother of Amish Massacre Shooter Caring for His Paralyzed Victim

By the Web Editors 9-29-2011

Today Religion News Service reporter Daniel Burke has an absolutely stellar, exclusive interview with Terri Roberts, the mother of Charles Carl "Charlie" Roberts IV, who, on Oct. 2, 2006, inexplicably opened fire on an Amish school house in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania.

Roberts, 32, shot 10 students, before turning the gun on himself.

Five of his victims died and five were left gravely injured.

Burke writes:

After the shooting, the world was riveted by the remarkable display of compassion shown by the Amish, as the quiet Christian sect embraced the Roberts family and strove to forgive its troubled sinner.

Five years after the shooting, the other side of the story is not well-known-that of a grief-torn mother seeking the still, small voice of God in the aftermath of tragedy.

One place where Terri has found peace is at the bedside of her son's most damaged, living victim-a paralyzed schoolgirl, now 11.

During their weekly visit, Terri bathes and talks to her, brushes her hair and sings hymns.

"As we reach out in ways that bring a touch, we can find great healing," Terri said.

Terri Roberts' story is profoundly moving and Burke treats it with great care and grace.

Read the piece in its entirety HERE.

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