Lord, I Cast My Vote For You | Sojourners

Lord, I Cast My Vote For You

I get out of bed and I take a bath
Put on my clothes and I plan my daily path
Before I start out I take time to pray
I speak to my God — this is what I say:

Oh Lord, I cast my vote for You
Creation and sustainer too
Why choose another deity
When You are all the world to me.

I always pledge my loyalty
But often choose hypocrisy.
I am resolved to mend my ways
And vote the truth in coming days.

The way I cast my vote
Is not with words, but with that I do.
Respecting sisters and brother
Not just my own but all others.

I’ll treat the earth as sacred space
Name violence a vile disgrace.
Build a world of justice and peace
Help the oppressed find release.

Then elect me — executive
Of what I think and how I live.
I’ll command my spirit and my action
Seek through truth my satisfaction.

I vote for You for You will win.
Love’s the key for the mess we’re in.
If we vote for Your will everyday
We’ll all be better in every way.

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