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A Hymn of Radical Welcome: As Simon Was Casting His Net in the Water

As Simon was casting his net in the water,
you called him to leave there the life that he knew.
He changed his priorities, went with his brother,
and started a new life of following you.
Yet when he rose up and left fishing behind him,
he still had a home and a mother-in-law;
Our family relationships that we have woven
are part of our life, Lord, and part of your call.

O Lord, as you went to that house to bring healing,
You showed us the heart of God's purpose and plan.
With love and with care, you brought health — so revealing
That lives are made whole by God's word and command.
In that present moment, you showed us God's future,
Where love is much greater than things that destroy.
May all homes be places where families can treasure
Your gifts of community, healing and joy.

In healing a woman, you put aside boundaries —
For women were often forgotten, unseen.
You reached out to bless her and showed grace and mercy
To one who was sick and considered unclean.
O Lord, she was glad for acceptance and healing!
She rose up to serve when her health was restored.
May we make our homes to be places of welcome
As you have reached out with your welcome, O Lord.

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Biblical References: Mark 1:16-20, 29-29; Matthew 4:18-22, 8:14-15; Luke 5:1-1, 4:38-41
Tune: Traditional Welsh melody ("Let All Things Now Living") (MIDI)
Text: Copyright © 2018 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. All rights reserved.
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