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#FaithfulFilibuster — A Vigil for the Poor

Photo by Brandon Hook / Sojourners
Jim Wallis flips through more than 2,000 highlighted verses on poverty & justice in Bible. Photo by Brandon Hook / Sojourners

It’s time to end this shutdown. I’m standing in full view of the Capitol Building with a group of clergy and faith leaders who are here to offer a “Faithful Filibuster” of the government shutdown – and we’re going to keep talking until things change.

We know that this shutdown disproportionately affects the most vulnerable in our society. So our words will not be wasted diatribes or placements of blame. Rather, we will use God’s own words – reading the more than 2,000 Bible verses that speak to God’s justice for the poor and vulnerable – until this shutdown ends.

And while we recite the verses to bear witness for those suffering, we want to make sure that every single member of Congress can read them too. It is our goal to send each member a copy of the Poverty and Justice Biblewhich highlights each of those 2,000 verses. Our elected officials need this reminder now more than ever.

We need your help to make this happen! Will you chip in $25 to sponsor a Bible for a member of Congress? We’ll include your message of why they should pay attention to what God says about justice for the poor and vulnerable.

Our nation can have a brighter future for all of its people – a vision that cannot become a reality as long as Congress remains gridlocked on the budget.

After these 2,000 verses are read, we’re going to keep talking. We’re going to keep sharing God’s message of good news for the poor to help our elected officials rediscover the vision of the “common good.” We’re going to keep talking whenever Congress is in session until this shutdown ends.

I look forward to reading my portion of the 2,000 verses today. I believe in a God of justice who looks out for the poor and vulnerable in our society, and I am eager to stand with fellow faith leaders to share this conviction. Our “Faithful Filibuster” will remind members of Congress that its dysfunction hurts people and that it is biblically imperative that they function to serve the most vulnerable. Will you join us in this work? 

Our members of Congress will hear this message over and over again in the coming days as we keep faithful vigil over the Capitol and the work within. 

Accompany us in this work by following #FaithfulFilibuster on social media and offering your own messages, verses, and prayers.