Celebrating the Life of a Fellow Sojourner: Rev. Alden Besse

By the Web Editors 1-23-2018
Image via the family Alden Besse

Sojourners is mourning the passing of Rev. Alden Besse, a longtime friend and supporter of Sojourners.

For all of us at Sojourners, there are no words to adequately express our gratitude for this fellow Sojourner. He walked with us, prayed with us, laughed with (and at) us, and generously supported our mission. He shared with us everything he had, especially the treasure of time. We thank God for granting us the privilege of sojourning alongside our brother in Christ. We also give gratitude for his partner and caring wife Barbara Besse. We surround her and her children with prayers of comfort, peace, celebration of a life well-lived, and space to grieve the loss of Alden’s presence on earth.

Tribute from Jim Wallis:

“Alden Besse was a Christian; and wanted to be one in the most faithful ways he could. He took Jesus’ call for his disciples to be peacemakers as his very own vocation and spread that prophetic call wherever he went. Alden was an early inspiration to me and Sojourners, always having a word to say about how we all might go deeper into peace and justice.

I loved Alden and will miss him very much. He was always a sojourner in the best sense of the word — a pilgrim who lived in the world but not of it; and whose path was the way and words of Jesus.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” Bless you Alden.”

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