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Can We Prophetically Reimagine?

A lament and call for repentance.

This election season has shown us just how deep and how wide the polarization is in this nation. It is disconcerting how easily we sell our birthright for political affiliation. We have replaced God with political idolatry.

We love to label people and ruthlessly demonize our perceived opponents. We thrive on conspiracy theories and actually believe our own hype. Even in the middle of a pandemic, many have recklessly disregarded science and endangered their own communities.

Politicians are no longer required to be civil servants. Elected officials now feel entitled to our perpetual vote, and church leaders are addicted to power and have rejected servant leadership. Pastors have aligned themselves with politicians in shame tactics, they thrive on making enemies, and they stir up more contentious arguments than healing sermons.

Although many women are rising and making their voices heard at the polls, we still have much work to do in order to create bridges. Our intent on breaking the glass ceiling has deluded us into thinking we can do it alone, striving to obtain power no matter the cost. Let us be forewarned of the consequences of complicity. The glass we shatter today will still be on the floor tomorrow. Remember that the next generation is observing our every move.

We have gathered around the flames of hate and myriad extremisms. The church must avoid these extreme sides that many have adopted without accountability. We must value the priceless gift of collaboration and call out what is wrong no matter on which side of the fence they happen to be.

Leaders who are being asked to the tables of decision should recognize the dangerous, slippery slope of monolithic, inflexible, and rigid viewpoints. The church also should ensure that the voices of women are being heard, and antiquated patriarchy is no longer an acceptable way of reaching us.

We need truth to arise and allow it to give us much-needed prophetic realignment.

Let us listen to the issues that plague our nation; our to-do list is quite extensive. The numbers of COVID-19 are rising. We urgently need bipartisan collaboration and an end to the incendiary rhetoric.

We will need to rebuild the racial bridges that some have so cavalierly burned down. If we want to burn something, let it be the cages that were bought by one administration, used, and then passed on to the next to serve as prison cells for immigrant children. It will take more than a post on social media or repeating a hashtag to heal the wounds of immigrant people disenfranchised by both political parties.

Anyone can be divisive, but it takes great courage to gather people to unite in purpose when facing great adversity. We must hold our elected officials accountable whether or not we voted for them, while taking note that thousands of marginalized and disenfranchised people were not able to vote.

The demonizing we witnessed during this election should serve as a warning and convicting indictment: We will need to face our personal demons and the mythical truths that impede restorative healing. Together we must reignite the value of equitable relationships and avoid pathways that lead us to dark spaces.

Hate is corrosive.

When we value truth, it opens prophetic pathways to racial justice. We must reimagine how healing can flow freely and stop preserving our own privilege.

For all the many uncertainties and challenges that lie ahead, we can know with absolute certainty that God is ever faithful and love never fails.

May love lead, guide, and always light our way.

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