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BONUS 'BLUE': The Lost 'Blue Like Jazz' Cyber Interview and More

Before he caught up with them in Colorado Springs this week, Christian Piatt interviewed Blue Like Jazz's director Steve Taylor and star, Marshall Allman, via Skype while they were in Austin, Texas for the premiere of the film at SXSW.

Without further ado, we give you the LOST CYBER INTERVIEW:


For those of you who've missed it (and haven't been invited to one of the sneak preview screenings around the country), here is the OFFICIAL BLUE LIKE JAZZ TRAILER:

Read Jack Palmer's earlier review of Blue Like Jazz on God's Politics HERE.

Read director Steve Taylor's thoughts on why he doesn't want Blue Like Jazz to be put into the Christian movie genre HERE

Don't miss out on back story of Blue Like Jazz's soundtrack, featuring a score by Danny Seim, the drummer, singer, and founding member of the Portland duo MENOMENA. You can read more about BLJ's musical narrative in Joshua Witchger's post HERE or watch the band's video for their song EVIL BEE below:


And just for fun ... climb into the waaaaaaaaaaaay back machine and watch BLJ's Taylor, before he cut his hair and started directing movies, when he was a pop star in the video for his song "SOCK HEAVEN" below:

Christian Piatt is an author, editor, speaker, musician and spoken word artist. He co-founded Milagro Christian Church in Pueblo, Colorado with his wife, the Rev. Amy Piatt, in 2004. Christian is the creator and editor of Banned Questions About The Bible and Banned Questions About Jesus." He has a memoir on faith, family and parenting — PREGMANCY: A Dad, a Little Dude and a Due Date — hits book stores everywhere April 1. For more information about Christian, visit, or find him on Twitter or Facebook.