Afternoon News Bytes: Jan. 24, 2012

By the Web Editors 1-24-2012

At 9pm ET, President Barack Obama will address a joint session on Congress to give them information on the State of the Union.

THE WASHINGTON POST: Obama To Take On Economic Anxiety In Election-Year State Of The Union, Amid GOP Attacks
Addressing a divided nation amid a determined GOP campaign to take his job, President Barack Obama is preparing to issue a populist cry for economic fairness as he aims to corral the sympathies of middle-class voters 10 months before Election Day.
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THE HUFFINGTON POST: Black, Latino Students Perform At Levels Of 30 Years Ago
Educators are expressing alarm that the performance gap between minority and white high school students continues to expand across the United States, with minority teenagers performing at academic levels equal to or lower than those of 30 years ago.
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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Obama Offends The Catholic Left
When Barack Obama secured his party's nomination for president in 2008, one group of Democrats had special reason to cheer.
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TOWN HALL: Evangelicals And Romney: Should Theology Matter?
As an American, a Republican, and a fiscal and social conservative -- and though I have endorsed no Republican candidate -- there is one thing that would disturb me greatly if Mitt Romney were not the Republican nominee: if Romney's Mormon faith were a factor in his defeat.
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THE FINANCIAL TIMES: What’s Up With The Arab League?
The Arab League seems to have had a testosterone rush. This was an organisation that used to be a byword for caution and hypocrisy. It was good for a stern statement on Israel, and little else. Yet, suddenly, here we have the League calling for regime change in Syria, followed by a peaceful transition to democracy. It is also taking its demands to the UN Security Council. So what is going on?
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MOTHER JONES: "Self Deportation": It's A Real Thing, And It Isn't Pretty
Mitt Romney unveiled a novel solution for illegal immigration during Tuesday night's GOP debate, saying that he'd rely on "self-deportation" to reduce the number of unauthorized immigrants in the US.
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THE ATLANTIC: Who Are Boko Haram and Why Are They Terrorizing Nigerian Christians?
Boko Haram. If you've heard of them at all, you probably know them as the ultra-secretive, yet hyperactive Islamist sect seemingly bent on murdering Nigerian Christians and bringing down the young democracy of Africa's most populous nation.
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BILL & MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION: 2011 Annual Letter From Bill Gates
The world’s poorest will not be visiting government leaders to make their case, unlike other constituencies, so I want to help make their case by describing the progress and the potential I see in key areas of health and development. Perhaps it is ironic for someone who has been so lucky to talk about the needs of those who have not.
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FOX NEWS: Florida GOP Debate: Immigration Proposals Anger Protesters
Outside the Republican debate, there were hundreds of people and no shortage of passion when it comes to the issues.
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THE HUFFGINTON POST: An Occupy Prayer Breakfast: There Is Enough For Everyone!
The People's Prayer Breakfast's motto, "Enough for Everyone!" rings true to the majority of Americans according to a new report on economic inequalities in America released by the University of California at Santa Cruz. Researchers found that Americans are more egalitarian than we typically think, and are very concerned with unequal wealth distribution.
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CNN: Violence Spikes In Key Afghan Regions
Attacks by the Taliban in southern and eastern Afghanistan have risen sharply in recent months, according to figures released by the U.S.-led coalition, a sign that the allied offensive against the insurgency is yet to blunt its potency.
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