Afternoon News Bytes: Feb. 22, 2012 | Sojourners

Afternoon News Bytes: Feb. 22, 2012

THE HUFFINGTON POST: Religion And Politics Don't Mix, Major Religious Groups Tell Presidential Candidates
On Tuesday, the Anti-Defamation League, the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty and the Interfaith Alliance released a "statement of principles" on religion in political campaigns that calls on candidates vying for office to feel comfortable explaining their religious conviction to voters but also warn that "there is a point when an emphasis on religion becomes inappropriate and even unsettling in a religiously diverse society such as ours.”
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USA TODAY: 25% Of Super PAC Money Coming From Just 5 Rich Donors
Five wealthy people, led by Dallas industrialist Harold Simmons and Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, have donated nearly $1 of every $4 flowing to the super PACs raising unlimited money in this year's presidential race, a USA TODAY analysis shows.
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CNN: Poll: Men, Evangelicals Boost Santorum
A poll released Wednesday showed Rick Santorum maintaining his lead nationwide among likely Republican voters, topping his closest rival Mitt Romney by a margin of nine percentage points.
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THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: Southern Baptist Leaders OK 'Great Commission'
Some Southern Baptists worry that their denomination's name still carries the stigma of a 19th century split with northern Baptists over slavery. Others who fought hard to build the brand and its conservative theology and politics don't want to see it go.
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MOTHER JONES: Obama Budget: Grow Prisons and Keep Gitmo
President Obama's budget request for fiscal year 2013 includes cuts to everything from Medicare and Medicaid to Defense and even Homeland Security. But federal prisons are among its "biggest winners," according to an analysis by the Federal Times.
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THE WASHINGTON POST: The Failure Of Austerity Politics (OPINION)
“We are headed to a Greece-type collapse,” GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has warned repeatedly, while indicting President Obama’s stimulus plan. Romney promises to slash spending and balance the budget to unleash growth.
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THE CHRISTIAN POST: Atheist Alain de Botton Insists Society Needs Guidance From Religion
Famed atheist Alain de Botton, also a best-selling Swiss author and philosopher known for challenging Richard Dawkins and what he calls his "destructive" atheistic theology, has in a recent interview highlighted many ways in which religion is useful even for secularists.
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THE ATLANTIC: Access To Good, Healthy Food Should Be A Basic Human Right
Last May, the Prince of Wales gave a speech on sustainability at Georgetown. Many of us who heard it thought it was seminal. First, that it came from a public figure whose pronouncements must be moderate and moderated; second, because it was such a strong, specific statement of principles many of us have believed in and have been working toward for a long time; and third, because, contrary to what pretty much anyone would expect, the speech was written by, not for, him.
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NPR: Protesters To GOP Candidates: Don't DREAM Halfway
The run-up to Wednesday's Republican presidential debate in Arizona has highlighted immigration issues including the so-called DREAM Act, which proposes paths to citizenship for some undocumented children of immigrants.
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