January 5, 2016


Washington, DC - Sojourners is launching a new web-based platform with immigration-focused resources called ONWARD for Sojourners. The platform is a wonderful addition to Sojourners' many resources on immigration and includes powerful documentaries and discussion guides for people of faith to learn more about immigrants and their stories, the policy debates surrounding immigration, and the steps we can all take to “welcome the stranger” — the sojourner — who lives among us. Amid the current divisive rhetoric surrounding the topics of immigration and refugees, ONWARD for Sojourners provides people of faith with the tools to combat hatred and xenophobia by spreading the message of welcoming love for those who have come to the United States for a better future.


Each section of the platform focuses on different aspects of immigrant experiences, such as immigrants’ contributions to communities, family life, or the realities of detention and deportation and much more. ONWARD for Sojourners also features documentary films showing the real lives of immigrants here in the U.S., as well as discussion guides that further explore the films and their multi-layered topics. These discussion guides can be used in any small or large group setting and include biblical references that discuss the moral imperative behind immigration.


Going beyond the educational benefits, Sojourners encourages people of faith to use this multimedia platform to adopt these stories as part of the story of the church and of the nation as a whole. Jesus called for his followers to care for the sojourners and strangers in our lives. ONWARD for Sojourners provides the resources that show that immigration is more than a talking point. It’s the story of us.


For more information about ONWARD for Sojourners, visit http://onward.sojo.net/.




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