Since 2012, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has allowed more than 800,000 immigrants brought here as children to grow in their education, careers and communities. Now the Trump administration has announced an end to this program over the next six months, forcing some of us to live in legal limbo in the only country we know.

Sojourners understands the power of story, and we want to hear from you. How has DACA affected your life? Share your story and we may publish here at Sojourners — and spread the message far and wide. 

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AnonymousHigh Point NC US

Mr. Donald Trump, I have no hate toward you; I respect you — you are the president after all. I disagree with you in some things though: I AM Mexico's best, not a criminal, murderer, thief, or a rapist. The fate of many lives rest with in your hands and the GOP. I pray and hope every day you do the right thing. I fear that If you deport me, I'll lose everything I worked so hard for. No one will be able to be a role model for my younger brother, and there'd be no one to protect my family. I feel impotent and useless just by thinking about it. I hope my story helps change some points of views.

Juan Garcia, an Assemblies of God Chi Alpha missionary and campus pastor at the University of South Florida — and a DACA recipient — shares his story.

Diego MariacaWashington DC US

on Facebook

Washington D.C- Diego Mariaca from United We Dream speaking about DACA

Posted by Sojourners on Tuesday, September 5, 2017