Carol Fennelly 9-01-2007
Families and communities pay a steep price for imprisonment rates.

In the prison-industrial complex, is there hope for redemption?

James Ferguson 9-01-2006

In May, the Institute on Women and Criminal Justice released a report on the growth of the number of women in prison in the U.S.

Jeshua Erickson 7-01-2006

Bob Ekblad has been reading the Bible with people who live on the margins—Chicano gang members, prison inmates, and undocumented Mexican immigrants in the United States, among others

Robert Roth 6-01-2006
At its best the church is an "innocence project" for ourselves and others.
Glenn Kumekawa 6-01-2006

A Japanese-American internment camp survivor reflects on Guantanamo and the state of the U.S. Constitution.

James Ferguson 3-01-2006

There are currently 7 million adults under correctional supervision in the United States, 1.6 million more than in 1995, according to a recent Department of Justice report. The majority are ineligible to vote. Marc Mauer, assistant director of The Sentencing Project, told Sojourners that laws that prevent convicted felons from voting could “skew the electorate in many states, [with] many elections decided by felony disenfranchisement.” He cited as an example the 2000 presidential race in Florida.

The remarkable thing about Renny Golden’s writing is that it provides a bridge of understanding between a silenced, disenfranchised community and those who need to hear what that community

The Amachi program gives people of faith the tools they need to make a difference for inmates' children.
Rabiye Kurnaz (

Rabiye Kurnaz (center), mother of German Guantanamo Bay detainee Murat Kurnaz, came to Washington, D.C., in March to join British and French families of detainees who shared stories of anguish over the treatment of their relatives. "Can the U.S. government legitimately claim that the continuing

It's On Me. Canada has cancelled the $750 million debt owed it by Iraq to help put the war-torn country on a "better foundation" for economic development.

Jens Soring 9-01-2003
What a Department of Corrections shotgun pellet taught me about centering prayer.
Elizabeth Palmberg 5-01-2003
Why the penal system isn't colorblind.
Kristin Ohlson 1-01-2003

Women's Re-entry Network in Cleveland is like many nonprofits—it is financially pinched and has a big-hearted but overworked staff that struggles to meet the needs of its clients.

Did you see the recent Essence article about Dorothy Gaines? Or the Mademoiselle piece on Kellie Mann? Both women were convicted of minor nonviolent drug offenses.

David Whettstone 7-01-2001

Jesus on the cross is best viewed as what that event concretely was, an imperial execution," says Mark Lewis Taylor in The Executed God.

Rachel Spaght 11-01-2000
An experimental summer camp brings children together with their dads--in prison.
My heart began to beat wildly; my mouth was as dry as the desert around me. Should I take time to go change my shirt?

The U.S. prison population passed the two million mark in February, provoking vigils and protests in more than 40 U.S. cities.

William F. Schulz 3-01-1999
Disguising brutality in prisons.