links of awesomeness

Brandon Hook 2-25-2013

Dancing lessons from James Brown, water balloons popping in space, chicken and waffles on a stick, a sweet badminton rally, and a British guy finding the Wolf Eel. Some awesome links for an awesome day.

Brandon Hook 2-20-2013
Photo courtesy of Jalopnik.

Photo courtesy of Jalopnik.

Conan, Bonarroo, a 42-wheel BMW dream car, a 7-year-old's interpretations of the Best Picture nominees, Google glasses, and puppies. Yes, these are awesome.



Brandon Hook 1-31-2013

An awesome Big Game ad, a trip to the Grand Canyon, some sweet grooves, a dog that wears menswear, and Mumford & Sons jamming with a high school marching band. Yes.

Brandon Hook 1-29-2013
Photo courtesy of Henry Hargreaves

Paul McCartney made of pieces of toast. Photo courtesy of Henry Hargreaves

A super clever resume, a cat using the force, a 30-year-old turtle surviving in a storage locker, a Downton Abbey video game parody, and some portraits made out of toast. Awesome.

Brandon Hook 1-28-2013

An ad using YouTube stars, a homemade Star Trek trailer, some puppies in a pinwheel, a hilarious social prank, a dude that makes beach art with a rake, and, in case you haven't been on the internet lately, a viral video from Kid President. Happy Monday!

Brandon Hook 1-24-2013
Image courtesy of Sleeping Around

Sleeping Around offers hotel rooms in shipping containers. Image courtesy of Sleeping Around

A kid that's born to play golf, a Microsoft that is still trying to make me think they're cool, a hotel room in a shipping container, an art exhibit made out of used Christmas trees, and a design company that gives away half of its work for free. Woah.

Brandon Hook 1-16-2013

The best selfies, absoluetly amazing kids, a really great short film, a sci-fi adaption of the Odyssey, and the kids of Sandy Hook teaming together with Ingrid Michaelson to sing somewhere over the rainbow on national tv. Okay, that's pretty awesome.

Brandon Hook 1-14-2013
Death Star II image via Wookieepedia

Death Star II image via Wookieepedia

A super artsy way to make shirts and furniture look cool, a wolverine that saves people from avalanches, a bird singing dubstep, a guy who documented his year in one-second video clips, and a petition to the White House to make the Death Star. Awesome.

Brandon Hook 1-07-2013

Today in 1894, Thomas Edison made the first copyrighted film. It looks super hipster. Come on, Thomas. [via GOOD]

Betty White painting the IKEA monkey? Take a look at the restoration process of a painting that bares a striking resemblance to the now famous meme. and tune in to "Hot In Cleveland" on Wednesday, Jan. 9 at 10 p.m. EST on TV Land.[via Huffington Post

The Internet is good for a lot of things, and a GoPro camera on a trombone is one of those things.

The National Geographic Photo Contest winners are in, and there are some pretty cool photos. [via Laughing Squid]

It's the little things in life that keep us going. And for Aleksander Gamme, Norwegian Explorer, finding some Cheez Doodles he placed in a pit stop on a trek in Antarctica made a huge difference. Keep on keepin' on, Aleksander. [via Huffington Post

Brandon Hook 10-24-2012
Photo: Seth Casteel

Dogs underwater is now a book! Photo: Seth Casteel

Videochat karaoke, dogs underwater, an Internet college sweatshirt, and "Emergency Compliment" posters. The Internet is full of awesomeness.