King Jr., Martin Luther

Rose Marie Berger 4-01-2007
Forty years after Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the "Beyond Vietnam" speech, what does it mean for America today? A conversation with historian and scholar Vincent G. Harding.
The ongoing truth of King's vision.

Thanks to Brian McLaren for his essay “decoding” the “kingdom of God” (“Found in Translation,” March 2006), and offering an alternative lexicon for this fundamen

Vincent Harding 1-01-1999

"You have not come to hear a detached, scholarly lecture about the two powerful figures who are on our program. I am deeply and unavoidably attached. Fully engaged.

Chris Rice 1-01-1998
Billy Graham and Martin Luther King: the road not traveled.
Harry G. Lefever 11-01-1996
Martin Luther King's challenge to injustice