Logan Isaac 5-29-2009
I, like Aaron Taylor before me, noticed the GQ expose of the Worldwi
David Cortright 3-01-2009
How to splinter the Taliban and support Afghans.
David P. Gushee 1-23-2009
It is still hard to believe that the hopes we have nurtured in the Christian anti-torture movement would come to fruition -- and so early, and so comprehensively, as they did with President Obama's

Just War Theory is a mode of analysis that lists criteria by which war may be considered righteous before, during and after its execution. The criteria to consider before a war are: declared by legitimate authority, just cause, right intent, reasonable hope of success, last resort, and announcement. The criteria to consider during war are: non combatant immunity, proportionality of damage to good that will result, limitations on weapons and tactics. Young scholars in [...]

William Cavanaugh 7-01-2007

History does not tend to be kind to Christian theologians who demand war.

In a New York Times article titled "A Catholic Debate Mounts on the Meaning of 'Just War'" published

Douglass Bakke 3-01-2005
I applaud Larry Rasmussen'

I applaud Larry Rasmussen’s efforts to find the middle ground between the positions of just war theory and Christian pacifism in the form of "just peacemaking" ("In the Face of War," January 2005). I, however, take exception to his conclusions in two regards. First, the non-believing world

George A. Lopez 2-01-2005
Telling the truth about civilians killed.
Rose Marie Berger 9-01-2000
Military role in Kosovo 'ineffective and unethical.'
Jim Rice 3-01-1996
The real-world effects of the just war theory.