awesome links

Brandon Hook 1-28-2013

An ad using YouTube stars, a homemade Star Trek trailer, some puppies in a pinwheel, a hilarious social prank, a dude that makes beach art with a rake, and, in case you haven't been on the internet lately, a viral video from Kid President. Happy Monday!

Brandon Hook 12-11-2012

Dogs driving, trailers premiering, Oscars meriting info graphics, musicians making cool songs, Terrence Malick making a new movie in less than two years, and people of the slums taking garbage and making beautiful instruments. Crazy awesome.

Brandon Hook 12-07-2012
Photo by Andrew Osokin

Snowflakes are so cool! Photo by Andrew Osokin

Some macro snowflake shots, an awesome Home Alone Sweater, oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies for the holidays, Star Wars Christmas cards, and a buggie for parrots. Let's 

Brandon Hook 10-26-2012

Some crazy faces, hilarious animal photo bombs, awesome music at NPR and KEXP, God in Golf (in a good way), and Sojourners' very own Alycia Ashburn (talking Creation Care with the people at OnEarth). Awesome links for an awesome day!