Brandon Hook 2-25-2013

Dancing lessons from James Brown, water balloons popping in space, chicken and waffles on a stick, a sweet badminton rally, and a British guy finding the Wolf Eel. Some awesome links for an awesome day.

Brandon Hook 1-16-2013

The best selfies, absoluetly amazing kids, a really great short film, a sci-fi adaption of the Odyssey, and the kids of Sandy Hook teaming together with Ingrid Michaelson to sing somewhere over the rainbow on national tv. Okay, that's pretty awesome.

Brandon Hook 10-31-2012

New Andrew Bird, a little Reformation polka, a concert film from Mumford and Sons, an app that hides all those pesky political Facebook updates, an awesome Halloween costume, a Hobbit-themed airline safety video, The Buddhist Rapper, and, of course, the top ten ways to smash a pumpking.

I know, that's a lot to take in.

Brandon Hook 10-24-2012
Photo: Seth Casteel

Dogs underwater is now a book! Photo: Seth Casteel

Videochat karaoke, dogs underwater, an Internet college sweatshirt, and "Emergency Compliment" posters. The Internet is full of awesomeness.

Brandon Hook 10-09-2012

Babies eating lemons, the future plays out, a backpack that gives back, and a heft case of First World Problems (FWP).

Brandon Hook 10-02-2012

Sufjan and Bon Iver reveal some cool projects. LEGO movies are everywhere. Disney Princesses are hipsters. People are dancing to get Cokes. And — shocker — some dogs feel the same way humans do about getting out of bed. These links are awesome.