Who Killed Donte Manning?

by Rose Marie Berger

In March 2005, a nine-year-old boy was gunned down in his Columbia Heights neighborhood in Washington, D.C. The unsolved murder tore the community to its core and set Rose Marie Berger on an exploration for the soul of our nation's capital. How can urban space be read as biblical narrative? Where do people locate themselves in urban time, space, and spirituality? Who do cities sacrifice and why?

"Who Killed Donte Manning? is a poet's detective prose. It's evidence is made visible. It's about people who stand before altars seeking answers to their prayers."
E. Ethelbert Miller
Director, African American Resource Center - Howard University

"Berger's gift for poetic expression shines through each page of this meditation."
Joseph Nangle, OFM
Assisi Community - Washington, D.C.