"In preparation for Sunday worship, I use Preaching the Word as a devotional and to hear a different voice for sermon preparations. There are those times when an outside insight gives me new insight to ancient texts."

- Lance Dallaire

"Most every week I read the thoughts of all your authors. Each of them is inspirational and the combination of all their thoughts provide me with more than enough to discern God's message for my congregation. I am truly grateful for Preaching the Word and for the inspiration, even when I'm led to another message all together. Thanks."

- Michael Wills

"I've used Preaching the Word for many years and find the resources consistently thought provoking, insightful, and inspirational. It is an essential tool in my sermon preparation."

David Ensign

"Sojourners stimulates my own thinking concerning preaching possibilities for the given lessons. Some of the material touches on a topic I may not have thought of and opens my own imagination as I am preparing my sermon. Thank you."

Charlotte Moore

"Preaching the Word is my go-to resource for all my preaching (even when I'm off lectionary). I am always able to find insightful quotes and provocative prompting to help me share God's radically inclusive love and justice with my congregation."

Jeffrey Spencer

"Preaching the Word is one of my go-to resources whenever I am preparing to preach. It helps me put the words of scripture into the context of contemporary issues, often giving me a fresh way of thinking about ancient texts. I enjoy the range of voices represented."

Phil Haslanger

"Preaching the Word offers diverse and always insightful approaches to our sacred texts. I find this resource helpful in approaching the same subject matters from different points of view. PTW helps complete an ever-widening point of view!"

Rev. David Pinkston

"As a lay leader rather than a preacher, this is an excellent resource I use it to assist the pastor in leading worship and small groups."

Dr. Frank Cookingham

"I'm an Episcopal rector of a parish where there is no other priest on the staff. So I feel a great need to read good sermons, since the only person I hear preach week in and week out is myself! I find that I am encouraged, opened up and inspired by good sermons, and many of the writings in Preaching the Word are sermons to me. They help me connect the lessons with social justice when I need a new window opened for me."

Rev. Mary Richard

"I've found this resource extremely helpful! I often end up putting a sermon together on the weekend, and it's so helpful to have focused reflections from others!"

- Rev. Susan Sawyer

"I use Preaching the Word whenever I am preaching a lectionary text, but have been doing more series, topical preaching in the past couple of years.  I rely on this resource for strong social justice oriented materials."
- Rev. Ken Hawes

"Thanks for everything you already do. This resource is what really helps me flesh out my talks. I hesitate to call them sermons, as I am a lay minister not trained in a seminary.  I do love to bring the current times into my discussion of the scriptures.  Thanks so much."

- Elder Susan Kimes

"Preaching the Word is a great resource with some intellectual and spiritual "meat on the bones."

- Archdeacon Paul Smith

"Preaching the Word is my main reference for thinking about my sermon for the week."

- Rev. Dr. Diane Mowrey

"This is the best source for my sermon each week."

- Rev. Milton Dudley

"Preaching the Word is the best of the best."

- Ms. Belle Fox-Martin