Will Your Vote Count?

Transcript below:

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, some are are asking: How can I exercise my right to vote?

Because of rampant voter suppression: How can I be sure that my vote will be counted?

Because of the assault on the U.S. Postal service: How can I be certain that my mail-in vote will not be disqualified?

These are all fair and urgent questions. Make no mistake: Voter suppression is real.

But don't be fooled, voter fraud is a myth. And it is clear that efforts are being made at the highest levels of government to destroy the postal service and discredit voting by mail or by absentee ballots.

But if your vote is "precious," you must protect it.

If your vote is "almost sacred," you must make sure it’s counted.

And if your vote is “the most powerful non-violent tool in a democratic society,” you must do whatever it takes to exercise it.

If you can make it to the polls, go and vote.

If you can’t make it to the polls, mail it in.

If you can’t mail it in, drop it off at your local voter registration office.

Let's honor the memory of Congressman John Lewis and all those who shed blood on that Alabama bridge and gave their lives for to secure our precious right to vote.

There is far too much at stake: Our rights, our health, our very lives and livelihoods.

Vote early. Vote today. Vote now.