'We Are Not Powerless Against This Virus': Fighting COVID-19 With Collective Care


In this episode of The Soul of the Nation, the Rev. Jim Wallis speaks with Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician, public health leader, and a passionate advocate for patient-centered health care reform.  

Dr. Wen shares urgent advice for sustaining and protecting our body, as well as our mind and soul, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"We are facing the greatest public health crisis of our time," Wen said. "... whether this crisis turns into a catastrophe that will claim millions of lives in our country within a year, that will depend on the actions that each of us take right now. Can we put aside whatever differences we may have? Can we stick to the facts? Can we tell the truth? Can we come together as a community and can we hold that solidarity in phase among all of us?"