Sojourners: A New Chapter

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Sojourners: A New Chapter

New look. New voices. Same commitment: faith in action for social justice. See it all at

Posted by Sojourners on Wednesday, June 12, 2019


From Vietnam to Mississippi, Wall Street to South Africa, racism, exploitation and violence were on full display.

A group of radical Christians in Illinois wanted to do more than just pray.

So we did.

We launched a prophetic magazine. We convened with leaders to create The Chicago Declaration.


We moved to the nation’s capital, called ourselves Sojourners: followers of the biblical call to social action. We challenged Christians to embrace the radical gospel of Jesus. We raised up voices society cast out. We called for change and lived it out through protest, community, and organizing.

As the world changed, so did we.

Our mission stands firm. But today’s challenges require: new ideas, new tactics, new vision.

We continue to uplift the call to justice, but also strive to amplify new voices on the front lines of that fight. Voices that challenge us as champions of change and people of faith. We catalyze movements but cannot do it alone. Movements require: community and partnership.

We’re still asking the tough questions and holding our leaders accountable. We’re still making the case that an active faith requires justice. We’ve been doing this work for nearly 50 years and we don’t plan on slowing down.

New writers. New artists. New campaigns. New ways to put faith in action.

New look. Same commitment. We are Sojourners.