Sh!tHole: How Donald Trump's Racist Comments Have Solidified the Christian Clergy


Donald Trump has voiced once again his racist, and anti-Christian, views regarding immigrants, people of color, and the poor. Multiple sources, Republican and Democrat, have confirmed that the President denigrated immigrants from what he called Sh!tHole countries: Haiti, El Salvador and every country in Africa. Then, he confirmed his racial bias, saying we should bring more people from Norway, an overwhelmingly white country.

Speaking of the concept of Imago Dei, the Rev. Jim Wallis says, "Our Scriptures talk about how God created us in God's image and likeness, no exceptions." He cites Corinthians avowing that we are one corpus, and that "when one part of the body of Christ suffers, the rest are supposed to feel the pain."

Wallis continued, Donald Trump's words "are a calling..that will bring us together across racial lines...that includes all of God's children...with liberty and justice for all."