Refuse to be Complicit in the Hijacking of Jesus

In its first two days of release, over 800,000 people watched the Reclaiming Jesus video, seeing and hearing a broadly diverse group of church elders stand up for the principles of Jesus. As of Monday May 21, 2018, that number has almost doubled to well over 1.5 Million viewers.

Now, during this Pentacost Season, is the time time for you to stand up for your faith, watch the video (, and share it with your community via Facebook or Twitter. Bring it to your pastor and ask him or her to show it to your congregation this Sunday as part of how you observe Pentecost. If you are a pastor, please watch this video and prayerfully consider commending the message of these church elders to your parishioners or congregants on Sunday.

The Holy Spirit is at work even in the darkness of this political moment. We feel it calling us to reclaim Jesus from those who have appropriated, co-opted, and hijacked his name for worldly power. Will you join us and show the world that the followers of Jesus refuse to be complicit and refuse to be silent?