Reclaiming Jesus Now with Jim Wallis

Reclaiming Jesus Now with Jim Wallis is a ten-episode podcast series on the themes of Jim Wallis’ new book, Christ in Crisis: Why We Need to Reclaim Jesus. Wallis is joined by two voices from a rising generation of activists, William Matthews and Allison Trowbridge, who seek to reconcile their own spiritual journeys with the spiritual and political crises we face today.

Jim Wallis’ new book, and the conversations in this podcast, are organized around eight urgent and provocative questions Jesus Christ asked or provoked while pursuing his call: 

  • The Neighbor Question
  • The Image Question
  • The Truth Question
  • The Power Question
  • The Fear Question
  • The Caesar Question
  • The Peacemaker Question
  • The Discipleship Question 


These questions confront all of us with an invitation and a choice. How will you respond?