Left in the Cold: Politically Homeless Christians Are Rejected by Democrats and Republicans


The Republican Party has embraced religious fundamentalism, a false version of Christianity that is antithetical to the teachings of Jesus Christ, while the Democratic Party has created an irrational and divisive secular fundamentalism often seeming to attack religion itself. These two forces have coalesced to force Christians into a state of political homelessness.

The Reverend Jim Wallis says, "The GOP has disregarded the vast values of principled conservatism ... genuine family values, national security through global engagement, a commitment to opportunity for all, empathy for those in need, and the worth and equality of every person under the law."

He adds, "The Democratic Party though has lost its connection to working class people, ordinary people...they don't appeal to the values of many of us Christians..."

Despite being left in the cold, Christian and other religious voters have an opportunity to wield political clout that can abolish the false binary choice of Conservative or Liberal and bring our nation to a higher moral ground by instead choosing between what is right or wrong.