Jesus has Been Stolen


As we approach Pentecost Sunday, it is fitting to recall the fear and trepidation early Christians felt after the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Acts 2 sets the scene for us: 120 followers of Jesus were hiding in an upper room afraid to proclaim their faith publicly. It is an unfortunate parallel to our current times.

But, then as the Bible tells us, the early disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit and took to the streets to proudly profess the teachings of Jesus. Now is the time for us to emulate the early followers of Jesus.

On May 24, the Thursday after Pentecost, pastors, church leaders, and lay leaders from all over the country will meet in Washington, D.C., to make Pentecost the launching point for a new season of action reclaiming Jesus.

Together on May 24, in our nation’s capital, we will:

  • Hold an evening worship service at National City Christian Church, a large church in downtown Washington, D.C., beginning our public declaration of faith with communal prayer, proclamation, and worship, which will be livestreamed on  Sojourners’ Facebook page;
  • Process by candlelight from the steps of the church to the gates of the White House to deliver our declaration on reclaiming Jesus;
  • Observe a candlelight prayer vigil outside the gates themselves, as we proclaim to our political leadership what we believe and what we reject.

Jesus has been hijacked by political and religious leaders who are willing to abandon the teachings of Jesus so clearly articulated in Matthew 25. Now is our chance to reclaim Jesus for the integrity of our faith and the Soul of the Nation.