I Believe

As people of faith, we know the importance of professing our beliefs.

We are in the midst of a national trauma, with a vast number of women in America — across political lines — being re-traumatized by the events of last week. This moment requires pastoral care for survivors and those who love them, prophetic truth-telling about what is (or ought to be) morally acceptable and unacceptable, and the hope for some more profiles in courage in the United States Senate.

There is a powerful video on the Sojourners website, that every one should watch and share with their communities.


Survivors have powerful stories and we must listen and believe what they are telling us. The most public of those survivor stories was on display across the country as the nation was riveted to the broadcast and streaming of the Senate Hearing and the courageous testimony of of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Now is the time for men and women to follow her lead and demonstrate their courage. It is time for people of faith and moral principle to raise their voices to their senators, calling for the truth and rejecting Kavanaugh’s nomination unless the FBI investigation definitively confirms Kavanaugh’s testimony.