A Faustian Bargain and a Corruption of the Soul

Politics in Washington, D.C., is often antithetical to the teachings of Jesus. Rev. Jim Wallis and Rev. Rob Schenck, the president of the Dietrich Bonhoffer Institute, discuss the spiritual cost of placing access to power above the gospel.

Schenck recalled, "I was present sitting at a table when it happened in Cleveland, during the Republican National Convention. I was at the table and a colleague, a very well-known evangelical leader who had run for president himself, turned to me and said, 'Look, we'll plug our noses. We'll cast our vote for Donald Trump. And then we'll go and puke if we have to.' And that was the deal. It was a corruption of the soul. It would give us access and ability to manipulate the levers of power, but it would exact a huge price from us."