Donald Trump Is the National Emergency

The declaration of a state of emergency by the president is an alarming abuse of executive power, an executive overreach that disrespects and circumvents the authority of Congress over public spending decisions. This presidential circumvention of the legislative branch is a breach of over 200 years of the norms, practices, and precedents upheld in the Constitution.

 The Reclaiming Jesus elders have called for “national prayer and fasting” to begin on March 6, Ash Wednesday, and to continue throughout the season of Lent. The elders pray that these practices would foster “solidarity with the most vulnerable,” “spiritual vigilance,” and “availability” to respond to crises they see coming in 2019, where executive overreach that threatens our constitutional checks and balances and the rule of law could compound the crises that are ongoing for immigrants, families of color and our most vulnerable people.

In summarizing their goals for the season of repentance, the elders hoped that Christians would “remain steadfast in their faith and engage with the deepening challenges our nation faces.”

Read the full call here.