Does Faithfulness Require Political Advocacy? A Conversation with Eugene Cho


President-elect of Bread for the World Rev. Eugene Cho talks with Rev. Jim Wallis about the need for faith leaders to speak out about politics in the time of the coronavirus.

"I think the word 'politics,' for lots of reasons, it's grown to become this difficult, challenging word in our culture and context. Especially I think in the evangelical context," Cho said. "... That's not the only thing that we as Christians do. But it is one way, a significant way, in which we try to live out this calling to be a good neighbor, because politics, it shapes and informs policies that impact people. And the last time I read the Bible, God really cares about people. ... I share in that prayer that more Christians would get engaged in advocacy, in speaking up and to urge our lawmakers and leaders to lead with moral courage, and to lead with empathy and compassion."