2018 MidTerm Elections: The Good, The Bad, and The Dangerous

As we digest the results of Tuesday’s midterm elections, there are reasons for people of faith committed to social justice and the common good to be grateful and encouraged. There are also reminders of what we are up against and some real post-election dangers.

Zooming out to the broadest level of the consequences of this week’s elections, the change in power in the House of Representatives will change Washington with the end of one party control of the federal government, and create a desperately needed check on Donald Trump’s power after two chaotic and frightening years where he faced virtually no limits or checks whatsoever. This is a vital check and a balance to growing concerns of this president’s executive power that both Democrats and some Republicans have strongly called for.

In the days following the election, Trump has made a fresh declaration of political war against his opponents, including an incredible attack on the press at his first press conference in months, and the immediate firing of his attorney general that could quickly become the beginning of a constitutional crisis in America.

Let us watch, pray, and be ready to act.