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Swayed By Fear

It is sad to me that Jim Wallis’ editorial on the Arizona immigration law (“Is Christian Ministry Illegal in Arizona?” July 2010) said nothing about reconciliation. Other articles in the issue talked about how Palestinians and Jews need to hear each other’s stories; Anglos and immigrants also need to listen to each other.

I oppose the Arizona law, but after listening to a cousin who lives there and also opposes the law, I have empathy for the fear that people feel. They are afraid of losing their jobs, afraid of the Mexican drug war, the Central American gangs—afraid of the other. Of course, the vast majority of immigrants, Latino and non-Latino, documented and nondocumented, are hardworking people who also may be afraid of violent groups along the border.
I think the Christian community should stand up against this law. I think it should also reach out to people who are swayed by their fear and manipulated by the racist and xenophobic elements in their state.
Marian Linden
Gloucester, Massachusetts

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Sojourners Magazine September/October 2010
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