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Who's Really Profiting

AUTHOR SANHO TREE ("The War at Home") clearly articulates the failure of the so-called "war on drugs" from the perspective of the drug user and the drug supplier. But the drug suppliers and distributors are not the only groups reaping profits from our misguided drug war. Let's not forget the DEA and a vast array of other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and bureaucracies that profit from the huge budgets devoted to this effort.

Let's also not forget the vast police powers that have been granted to these agencies. Many of our once-cherished protections against illegal search and seizure have been set aside in the prosecution of this so-called war. About the only group that has not profited from this massive flow of dollars is the drug users who have seen budgets for drug treatment at every level cut again and again to levels that have left treatment centers struggling for survival.

Delwin Fandrich
Hoquiam, Washingto

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Sojourners Magazine September-October 2003
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