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Bif! Boom! Soc!

The Greatest King, by Jerry Yu Ching and Mike Onghai. A bratty prince is banished from the kingdom and sent out to find the Greatest King of all. It's not the pudgy king of entertainment or the gargantuan king of strength, but Jesus. The authors use bright and bold colors in their dazzling, action-packed comic book story. Here's the gospel in rock 'em, soc 'em color. For ages 6 to 9.

Brain Food

Faith & Community, produced by The Polis Center at Indiana University, is a series of 11 videotapes on the interaction between religion, public policy, and civic life. Topics include faith-based partnerships, religion and immigration, the role of clergy, and models of metropolitan ministry. Each tape comes with a discussion guide and list of resources. Excellent for church and community groups.

Ecumenism, A to Z

Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement, produced by the World Council of Churches. Here's the tome for looking up anything on the ecumenical movement. The 700 entries by some 370 religious leaders and writers cover Buddhist-Christian dialogue, Israel and the church, the United Nations, and everything in between.

His Beat Goes On

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Sojourners Magazine September-October 2003
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