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Children Lead - Who Follows?

In Nairobi, 700 children walked out of school and through the streets this April, calling for an end to their country's debt burden. The Cancel Debt for Children campaign, organized by the Dutch faith-based organization Plan Nederland, is lobbying Kenya's foreign creditors to write off existing loans on condition that the saved resources are used for free education and health care for children.

David Odhiambo, the children's representative, urged "all the countries, banks, and other institutions, which Kenya owes money, to help us go to school and get quality health care." Kenya's Minister of Home Affairs added, "Meeting our debt obligation is both [a] moral and legal duty, but it raises serious moral and human rights questions, especially when a country has to sacrifice its resources on education and health care of children to meet this obligation."

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Sojourners Magazine September-October 2003
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