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You Say You Want a Revolution?


Human rights groups have called William Pierce the "most dangerous racist" in America. Pierce is founder of the West Virginia-based National Alliance, which evolved from his 1970s National Youth Alliance, a group founded to counter the anti-war movement on college campuses. According to the National Alliance Web site, Pierce saw the anti-war movement as a "call for the destruction of White society by Jews and others."

Pierce made his mark in 1978 when his National Vanguard Books published his book The Turner Diaries, written by Pierce under the name Andrew Macdonald. The Diaries, and his second novel, Hunter, depict white power radicals overthrowing the U.S. government and marauding across the country killing "race traitors" and establishing "order." According to the publisher’s promotional material, it is considered by the FBI to be the "bible of the racist right."

Added to Pierce’s list of "bestsellers" is Resistance Records—a label started in 1993 by Canadian George Burdi, aka George Eric Hawthorne of the band Rahowa (Racial Holy War). "For many years, [anti-hate groups] have tried hard, and largely successfully, to keep me marginalized," Pierce told the LA Times. "Nevertheless, my audience kept growing, and now I have essentially moved into the mass media."

Erich Gliebe, president of the Cleveland chapter of the National Alliance, spearheads Resistance Records and its accompanying magazine. Gliebe, 36, an ex-boxer known as the "Aryan Barbarian," has extensive roots in the white power music scene and under his direction Resistance magazine has become the Rolling Stone of the hate music world. According to Pierce the label expects to gross more than $1 million by 2001. How long before we see a music channel dedicated to the Angry Aryans, White Wash, Blue Eyed Devils, SkrewDriver, and The Bully Boys?

LARRY BELLINGER is assistant editor of Sojourners.

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Sojourners Magazine September-October 2000
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