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Christians, Period

THANK YOU FOR your July-August 2000 issue. I enjoyed it. I feel compelled to comment on the article "New Friends of the Earth?" ("Between the Lines," by Ryan Beiler), which describes a conservative group that opposes efforts to protect God’s natural creation. I find it disconcerting that whenever a group of Christians makes an effort to do something positive, to in effect put into practice Jesus’ teachings, they are almost always opposed by a well-funded conservative group.

Whether Christians are working to help the poor, or peacemakers are working to oppose war, they always seem ultimately to be up against conservatives headed in the opposite direction. The article describes the anti-environment group as "conservative Christians." I do not think these words go together. I believe Christians are Christians period. I cannot find in current conservative philosophy or practice any similarity between conservatives on the one hand and Christians on the other. The two forces are in opposition and to put the two words together is not accurate.

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Sojourners Magazine September-October 2000
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