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Letters to the Editor

TWO THOUGHTS regarding the commentary on Promise Keepers ("Keeping the Promise," by David Wade, July-August 1995): What percentage of people of color must attend a meeting to make it Sojourners correct? Further, if women have meetings where there are few if any men, will Sojourners critique them?

Second, I am disturbed by your leap to judgment that this is a "right-wing movement." Given the fact that so few men (from my observation and experience) are involved in Christianity, why don't you seek to understand the needs of men that bring them together like this, rather than hunt for what may go wrong with your agenda?

My church has groups for women and people of color, but none for men. I think there is a big gap, where many people are left out. Harold C. Fait

Sandstone, Minnesota

In his commentary, David Wade commends what appears to be a very genuine commitment to racial reconciliation by the Promise Keepers organization, while pointing out what a formidable challenge it can be. He does not name Promise Keepers as a "right-wing movement," but does warn of potential pitfalls in misplaced nostalgia, especially in regard to gender issues.-The Editors


TERRY CRAWFORD-BROWNE'S editorial, "No Farewell to Arms," ("Commentary," July-August 1995) concerning the permanent extension of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was disappointing because it effectively says nuclear issues are not the real peace and justice issues. Crawford-Browne concludes that in places such as Africa, the real issues are civil wars, famine, and lack of human rights.

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Sojourners Magazine September-October 1995
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