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Every so often, movements and communities, churches and societies (and individuals), need to pause and assess who they are and how to move forward. Hard questions must be asked. Where have we failed? What have we done right? What do we yearn for deep in our hearts and souls? In our cover article, Jim Wallis explores how hope is the energy for transformation. He tells stories of peoples and events that demonstrate defining elements of a vision for the future - healing, risk-taking, and spiritual integrity. This article is excerpted from Jim's forthcoming book, The Soul of Politics (to be released this fall by the New Press and Orbis Books). So, more stories of experiments in hope will be available soon. Also in this issue, David Batstone profiles Bruce Cockburn, having caught up with him before a gig in California. Cockburn has touched many with music that ranges from tender folk ballads to raging electrified condemnations of Western military misadventures. (He has a sense of humor, too). Feminist theology draws strong reactions from most people, one way or another. In our feature section, Julie Polter writes about the source of some of those reactions, and why such theology is vital to the church. With stories and songs, analysis and talk about God, don't we all keep seeking hope and the heart of life?

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Sojourners Magazine September-October 1994
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