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Revelation From The Rag Room

Out of his mouth came a sharp two-edged shear
(For he was cutting off the ragged edges)
And he said
In a voice like muffled waters
I want to take her down to the River
(Are there any Rivers in town?)
Yes, I replied, the Stanislaus and Tuolumne
I want to take her down to the River
And dunk her head under
And baptize her in the Holy Ghost

Of course it was normal of me to ask
If he knew what he was talking about
For what could he understand
Being retarded and all

I know about the blood of the Virgin Mary
What do you mean?
The Virgin Mary all dressed in white and beautiful
Don't you mean the blood of the Lamb?
Yes, the blood of the Lamb and the Virgin Mary

And she said
God love people
People die
Help people
People die meet King
King married
Had baby
Jesus died help people
All people die
Go to Heaven

And I wondered just what she meant
But thought it beautiful
For I was beginning to see

Why did Jesus die?
And he said
Jesus died for our sins
And she said
I love Jesus

All around the ragged edges
Were being cut off
Making rags that would reach out
To clean
The mass of machinery
In the isolated society
Outside of the workshop

But to the right
The one spoke
With a sharp two-edged shear coming
Out of his mouth
Truth about the Kingdom

And to the left
One like the humble Mary
Sharing about the baby
The Savior

For Jesus has come to the weak
But the strong think merely of Rag Production
And the weekend

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