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President Bush completed a five-day, five-nation tour of Africa this summer, promising those he met that they are not alone in their fight against AIDS. "I believe God has called us into action," said Bush. "Our country has got a responsibility: We are a great nation, we are a wealthy nation, we have a responsibility to help a neighbor in need, a brother and sister in crisis."

Unfortunately, according to Senegalese human rights activist Codou Bop, Bush's visit to Senegal was anything but promising. "More than 1,500 persons were arrested and put in jail" the weekend of Bush's visit, said Bop. "All trees in places where Bush would pass were cut. Some of them have been there more than 100 years," she continued. "All roads going downtown (where hospitals, businesses, schools are located) were closed.... This meant that we could not go to our offices or schools. Sick people were also obliged to stay at home."

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Sojourners Magazine November-December 2003
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