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Hallowed Halls

The Vatican, produced by National Geographic Television. Most of us think of magnificent art and architecture when we hear about this 2,000-year-old structure. But there's a whole network of tailors, painters, nuns, guards, gardeners, canonical lawyers, and others who sustain the life of this fascinating, mysterious place. Premieres Nov. 21 on PBS. Check local listings.

Break free and follow!

Breaking Free: Bible Studies on the Liberating Call of Jesus, by Mark William Olson. Designed for individual and group Bible study, the book's 15 sessions focus on the gospel of Mark and its liberating message-as well as the ways in which Jesus' call has always been rooted in and connected to the dynamic Jewish faith of which he was a part. Judson Press.

Soulful Spirituals

Mahalia Jackson was the gospel singer who truly put the soul in soul music. Hear her deep, broad voice in classics such as "Elijah Rock," "Down by the Riverside," and "I Don't Know About Tomorrow," on Sunday Morning Prayer Meeting with Mahalia Jackson, and two other recent releases: Mahalia Jackson in Concert, recorded Easter Sunday, 1967, and Mahalia Jackson: Recorded Live in Europe During Her Latest Concert Tour. Sony.

Dear God

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Sojourners Magazine November-December 2001
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