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Everything and Nothing?

Your magazine seems to be taking a direction that will alienate many Christians and de-legitimize being considered a Christian magazine. Doing so risks just becoming another publication that includes everything but stands for nothing. The September-October 2001 issue contained several items that lead me to feel that is becoming a reality. Where does "Rock's Little Secret" (by Danny Duncan Collum)-about homosexual rock stars coming out of the closet-fit into a biblical Christian position? Or the short piece "Turning the Tables on Hate" (Between the Lines)-speaking against a group protesting the ordination of a lesbian pastor. I wasn't there, nor do I know who the leader of this protest is, but the general tone of your writing came through loud and clear; anyone who opposes homosexuality must be on the liberal "haters" list.

Since when did protesting unbiblical sexual behavior (whether promiscuity, adultery, or homosexuality) automatically become a hate crime? Lastly, Tom Sine's article on Tim LaHaye ("Who is Tim LaHaye?") was very abrasive even to someone who has never read any of LaHaye's books and never intends to. I realize you may feel I'm a close-minded right-wing zealot not worth listening to. However, the scriptures are very clear on many issues and God remains constant. It is we who allow our culture to distort truth, not the other way around.

Eric J. Opicka
Huber Heights, Ohio

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Sojourners Magazine November-December 2001
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