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Men and God

AS YOU SAY in your explanation about Sojourners, "We refuse to separate personal faith from social justice...." Well, my personal faith and my experience and my sense of social justice cannot be separated from the conclusion I have come to in regard to Promise Keepers after interviews, research, and witnessing some of the men who return from the events to abuse their wives "with the justification of God," one of whom explained, "I must subject my wife to my will, it's God's will." The woman made the mistake of wanting to go to school, not God's will apparently. Maybe my complaint should be with God, but I just don't think so.

While I have no problem with men-only gatherings (in fact I happen to favor "girls only" schools if girls are to get to equal justice eventually), I cannot accept the editorial by Duane Shank as fair. The support and money going into [Promise Keepers] does include a strong right-wing base with a clear agenda.

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Sojourners Magazine November-December 1997
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