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Letters: Economic Mythology

Letter to the Editors

Julie Polter (“The Rich Get Richer," August 2014) hits the nail right on the head, both in analysis of the issue and with her four policy suggestions. She correctly states that “Inequality is not the result of a law of physics ... therefore it can be changed.” Indeed, Thomas Piketty, in his recently published book on capitalism, writes that there is no invisible hand. Piketty, and now Polter, point out that economic inequality is the result of deliberate political action.

This myth, so very lucrative for a few, has not only harmed the country economically but is also correlated with poorer health and higher crime rates. It’s time to return to the equal opportunity ideal of the American founders. 

John E. Hill
Quincy, Massachusetts

This appears in the November 2014 issue of Sojourners