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Readers Respond to 'Peering Through the Wall'

Editor’s Note: For this web extra, we asked readers to respond to Robert Hirschfield’s article "Peering Through the Wall" from the November issue. We went to our trusty Sojo100—a group of 100 Sojourners subscribers who provide feedback and opinions on upcoming editorial content. If you are a subscriber and are interested in joining the Sojo100 in the future, please send an email to All opinions expressed below are solely those of the respondents.

I have been getting news about Palestine and Israel for years via the Internet. I thought Robert Hirschfield’s article is reflective of those local sources (Jewish and Palestinian). If I get a message that is close to the balance of this article, it is from Lutheran church leaders (including my bishop) who have been there, NPR, or an occasional 60 Minutes piece. Kudos for printing this article. I read Sojourners, in part, for that honesty and risk taking.

Rev. Robert Royal Lesher, Marshfield, Wisconsin

To me, Mr. Hirschfield's article about Israeli and U.S. media echoes other reports that I’ve read and heard before. Our church, All Saints Episcopal in San Leandro, California, hosted a spokesperson from Palestine who made the same points – more than six years ago.

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