Where's the Spirit?

I TOO SEE THE South African experience of the last months as cause for great celebration and hope. I agree with Jim Wallis’ analysis of the role of the "human spirit" in this story—the lessons learned as explained in his August 1994 "Hearts & Minds" column.

However, I was disappointed that the role of the Holy Spirit was scarcely acknowledged in the context of this article; it is her activity that flows through all the human aspects listed. I realize the miraculous nature of the experience was dealt with in the July 1994 "Hearts & Minds," but I feel it important to remind ourselves constantly of God’s presence in the struggles in which we involve ourselves. Too often I become focused on time and place rather than the eternal and transcendant.

To be reminded of God, our Savior’s continuing and present activity in the world through agents both human and divine, is a constant need. Please continue to reflect for us these stories of "Word become flesh," but don’t leave out the Word. Thank you again for your life-breathing work of interpreting the times.

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Sojourners Magazine November 1994
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