Bitter and Burnt-out

Bitter and burnt-out is a wonderful way to gain a new outlook on life. If mixed with a little insight and hope, this perspective affords the individual the opportunity to scrape off what is useless or cumbersome and re-examine some basic truths.

I have been able to rediscover the fundamental and radical truths of my Catholic heritage. I have also realized that I was a poseur to hope for a transformation of the church while I turned my back to it. If we are to participate authentically in our experiences and be enriched by our faith and ideals, we must have the guts to hang in there and struggle to make it real.

Joel C. Trinidad, 25, was born in the Philippines and spent the last year working as an organizer for the Montana Human Rights Network through a placement with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. He reads Tricycle and Utne Reader and listens to progressive music and jazz.

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Sojourners Magazine November 1994
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